Course for children with scoliosis Free

Organizational information

Date of Event: 16.2.2024
Venue: Centrum Spirální stabilizace Brno, Podveská 1213/22, Brno, 624 00
Time: 16:00 - 19:00
Course days: 1
Course hours: 3

Course details

Martina Hýbnerová

Course language: Czech
Price for the entire course: 1.500 Kč

Course content

The course is designed for pediatric patients with scoliosis or faulty posture who are in our outpatient care. The children are guided by an experienced therapist who corrects them and teaches precise execution of exercises. The goal is to improve technique and create an intensive treatment program. It is possible for a parent to participate and correct their child during the exercises. The course lasts 3 hours. Please bring clean socks and appropriate clothing in which the child can see his/her back and body contours well (sports bra, tight tank top, leggings...).

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