Spiral Stabilization
A unique rehabilitation method that helps with back pain, scoliosis, and disc protrusion.
Courses for physiotherapists and patients
Learn the Spiral Stabilization method perfectly in our courses for therapists, trainers, or patients.
Group exercises for adults and children
Regular exercises of the Spiral Stabilization method under the guidance of experienced instructors.

We run regular courses for patients, therapists, trainers, and masseurs to teach them the basics of Spiral Stabilization exercises and manual techniques.


Regular group classes for beginners and advanced exercisers are held at our Smíšek Rehacentrum.


If you suffer from back pain, we are happy to provide you with individual physiotherapy using the Spiral Stabilization method.


stabilization A unique rehabilitation method

Back pain
Disc protrusion
Fitness training for athletes
Problems after spinal surgery

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Elastic band

An elastic band is an essential tool for practicing Spiral Stabilization, and you will use it for almost all exercises. It is suitable for both beginners and advanced users.

Sports elastic band

The sports elastic band is only suitable for people without pain and for athletes already training with a regular elastic band.

Support bar 1 pc

The support bars are made of ultra-light material with a non-slip end. They are specially designed by Dr. Smíšek for practicing the Spiral Stabilization method.

Balance pad

This balance pad was designed specifically by Dr. Smíšek for practicing the Spiral Stabilization method. It is made of special durable foam with specific properties and unique hardness.

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Group exercises

Regular group exercises are held at our Smíšek Rehacentrum. Please bring comfortable clothes; you can exercise barefoot. The entrance fee is either a one-time payment of 200 CZK / class or a discounted pass for 10 entries for 1500 CZK. Please book individual classes by phone. Before your first visit, please call us to determine the level of the particular group you wish to join.





Mobile app

More about the app

Everything you need

Whether your motivation is a pain-free back, improved posture, or strengthened muscles, the Spiralista app features more than 160 Spiral Stabilization Method exercises, long-term plans with voice guides, and progress tracking for daily workouts. Download the app right now and try its features for free for up to 14 days.

In the app, you will find

160+ video exercises
Individual plan
Progress tracking


More about the method

How Spiral

Spiral Stabilization is a rehabilitation method invented by Dr. Richard Smíšek. The principle of this method lies in exercising the muscle chains and strengthening the muscle corset and the muscles of the core of the body. It is the only method in the world that stretches the spine upwards.


Experience with this method

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