Course for physiotherapists No. 3: Upper and lower limbs Free

Organizational information

Date of Event: 9.4.2024 - 10.4.2024
Venue: Rehabilitační a vzdělávací centrum Smíšek, Na Úbočí 2250/10, Praha, 182 00
Time: 09:00 - 17:00
Course days: 2
Course hours: 16
Part of the course: B

Course details

MUDr. Vladimír Štaffa

Course language: Czech
Price for part B separately: 5000.00 Kč
Price for the entire course: 9.000 Kč

Course content

What are the procedures and exercise classifications for diagnoses involving the upper and lower extremities? What are the anatomical and functional implications for joint and tendon pain and muscle injuries? How to treat the patient and gradually reconnect the body so that it can again withstand the daily stress? This course is also based on the knowledge of anatomy and will give you a deeper understanding of some common diagnoses through the eye of an experienced therapist. Frozen shoulder, cervicobrachial syndrome, tennis and golf elbow, carpal tunnel syndrome, foot arch, bunions, arthritis of the knee and hip and more will be the topic of not only exercise procedures but also manual techniques. Exercises for the most common difficulties can be found in the Spiralista app. The course has Part A, which lasts 2 days and contains 16 lessons on the upper limb and Part B, which lasts 16 lessons and contains the topic of the lower limb.

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