Course for patients with scoliosis - continuation Free

Organizational information

Date of Event: 15.9.2024 - 15.9.2024
Venue: Rehabilitační a vzdělávací centrum Smíšek, Na Úbočí 2250/10, Praha, 182 00
Time: 12:00 - 15:00
Course days: 1
Course hours: 3

Course details

Bc. Iva Havránková

Course language: Czech
Price for the entire course: 1.500 Kč

Course content

The course is designed for patients with scoliosis who have learned the basic exercises in the introductory course or in individual lessons and want to learn training sets. During the course, you will review the basic exercises and build on them with more advanced elements. You can also improve the execution of exercises that you already do at home. The course is practically oriented and lasts 3 hours. The aim of the course is to learn a broader set of exercises for long-term home care. Please bring clean socks and appropriate exercise clothes.

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